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Blue Merle Male (Red Factored)
September 1993 - December 2012
21 inches, 50 pounds
OFA Excellent
Eyes clear
Full Dentition/scissors bite
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We are thrilled to announce that Tucker is now an ASCA Hall of Fame sire!

We are very proud of our fella and of all the wonderful dogs he has produced who helped him
attain this prestigious award.

Carol Ann Hartnagle, Ernest Hartnagle (Las Rocosa Aussies) &

aka "Tucker"

Special thanks for the beautiful photo to
Kelly Farquhar http://www.kfphotography.ca/

first agility trial at 10 and a half years of age!
Pictured with Tucker Creek's Hurricane Penny & Jasper Lil' Bear of Tucker Creek

And "doing tunnels" at 12 years of age!

Most people grow older with fond memories of their canine "best friend" when they were growing up.
Not only has Tucker become my best friend over the years we've been together, he also has given my daughter Madison a wonderful "best friend"
and protector since she was a little girl, he truly has changed our lives.

To watch Tuck and Maddy, and to know that she is safe with him, is a wonderful thing.

And now, several years later, Tucker is "best friend" to our Ben!

Tucker (left) & son Flash (right)
during the MVA competition at ASCA Nationals 2003

Tuck is a gentleman, a fair player, an honest soul and the master of play, one has little chance of being anything but positive in his company.  We are proud of his accomplishments and always revel in the praises he receives from all who meet him.

Tucker gained his WTCH in 2002 and works daily on our farm, helping me with chores that truly would be a "chore" without him, and is equally as happy to "help out"  Maddy in the show ring...He definitely is an all-round kinda boy!

Tucker inspired me to change my life and is an extraordinary creature. He inspires those who meet him into Tucker puppies - a real ambassador for the breed.

Tucker, our wonderful 10 year old Ambassador had some awesome wins at the 2003 Nationals...
~ 1st in nationals Agility – Veterans
~ 4th in the breed ring at a Nationals Pre-show in American Bred
~ 3rd in Novice A obedience
(our first time ever competing in ASCA obedience) and there were only 3 qualifying dogs out of 17 entered

At the Superdogs competition in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Tucker was selected as one of the top eight in Thunder Bay for his great tricks.  Tucker was in the top 5 finalists and by the applause meter for the final win - Tucker came in second to our Maggie!

Tucker, along with Flash and Maggie, were all asked to be part of the Superdogs actual performances over the 6 shows on the weekend, proving once again what a versatile dog this awesome fella is!! 

Tucker's Titles...

          ~  Herding Intermediate (sheep) ~ October 7th, 2001
          ~  Herding Advanced (sheep) ~ September 2002 (2 firsts & 2 high combined
               sheep & ducks for the weekend!)

          ~  Started Trial Dog (ducks) ~ July 7, 1998
          ~  Started Trial Dog (sheep) ~ July 7, 1998 (High Started Aussie)
          ~  Started Trial Dog (cattle) ~ September 18, 1998 (High started cattle dog)
          ~  Open Trial Dog (ducks) ~ October 27, 1999
          ~  Open Trial Dog (cattle) ~ October 27, 1999 (1st and 2nd place & High open)
          ~  Advanced Trial Dog  (ducks) ~ July 11, 2000
          ~  Open Trial Dog (sheep) ~ January 26, 2001
          ~  Ranch Dog Title (cattle)  ~ August 27, 2001 (Ranked 3rd out of 9 dogs)
          ~  Advanced Trial Dog  (cattle) ~ January 20, 2002
          ~  Advanced Trial Dog 1st leg (sheep) ~ January 20th, 2002
          ~  Working Trial Champion ~ Tuck earned his advanced sheep with a first
                place to finish his WTCH

          ~  Herding Capability Tested (sheep) ~ August 31, 1996
          ~  Junior Herding Dog (sheep) ~ July 20, 1997
          ~  Herding Trial Dog II (ducks) ~ October 7th, 2001



Tucker's pups...


2005 Tucker & Dot litter ~ Ditto, Mac & Chip

2004 Tucker & Dot litter ~ Tommy, Rook, Rocky, Reece, Trip, Canada, Nick & Whisper

2003 Tucker & Panda litter ~ Bear, Barley, Charlie, Darma, Ginger, Jack, Penny, SallyRose, Sasha, Tiger & Robbie

2002 Tucker & Grace litter ~ Arrow, Dodger, Duke, Jade, Joe, Star, Willie, Woody

2000 Tucker & Grace litter ~ Flash, Gus, Jasper, Jasper USA, Sydney



CH Las Rocosa Tom Bull Wolf STDs
Blue C/W RF AS-3437F46M
E18710 DL46223201
CH Las Rocosa Little Wolf STDcd (HOF)
Red Merle C/W AS-2234-T
Las Rocosa Lester CSD (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Leslie CD OTDs
Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh (HOF)
Howes Little Peedie
Las Rocosa Tumbleweed of Coppertone
Blue C/W RF
CH Iacovettas Buck
A675 A7266-6529
Salt of Flintridge
Iacovettas Shasta
CH Shanks Gingerblue of Coppertone CD
The Herdsman of Flintridge
CH Shanks Ginks CD
LasRocosa Riata
E43276 DL45005301
WTCH Las Rocosa Bonny Kyle RDX (HOF)
Red Merle C/W AS-2074-T
Las Rocosa Lester CSD (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Leslie CD OTDs
Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc (HOF)
CH Las Rocosa Shiloh (HOF)
Howes Little Peedie
Las Rocosa Four a Blossom STDc
Red Merle C/W RF
CH Las Rocosa Leo Four A ATDc STDs
Las Rocosa Lester CSD (HOF)
Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc (HOF)
Las Rocosa Apple Blossom
CH Slash V Little Rock CD
CH Las Rocosa Leslie CD OTDs

We would like to send a very special thank you for permission to use photos of our dog's ancestors to:

The Hartnagle family, Las Rocosa  Australian Shepherds
Roger Stevens, Pincie Creek Australian Shepherds &
Terry Martin, Slash V Australian Shepherds




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